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Mang Kanor sex scandal

Why Should You Wash Your Nissan?

Washing your car regularly is a very important preventative maintenance task. In fact, a majority of car manufacturers, Nissan dealers in New Hampshire and service centers recommend that you wash your vehicle once every two weeks in warmer months and at least once a week when the weather is snowy or rainy. Here are some reasons why you should make washing your car a part of your regular routine:


·         When it snows, cities spread salt on roads to prevent ice from forming, and when you drive over that salt your wheels pick it up and deposit it on your undercarriage. Built up salt leads to dangerous rust that can dramatically shorten the lifespan of your vehicle.

·         Wind, rain and regular driving causes mud, dust and other deposits to build up on your car, which in time ruins your paint job. Regularly washing your car removes these deposits and protects your paint.

·         Many car wash soaps and waxes coat your car in protective sealants that prevent deposits from building up and damaging your paint.

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Useful Tips to Follow Before Buying a Used Nissan

Purchasing a used Nissan from a New Hampshire Nissan dealership instead of a new one can save you a large amount of money both up front, and in the long run, but if you haven't done your homework before buying, it can end up costing you big. Here are some simple steps to follow in purchasing a pre-owned vehicle:


1.      Before looking at cars, check your credit score. With the economy down, having a good credit score is one of your main bargaining chips in negotiating a good deal, and if you go in already informed as to what yours is, you have a better chance of negotiating successfully.

2.      Next, determine your budget and research your financing options. Whether you want to use the dealership financing center or a separate, independent organization, you should have an idea of what option you are going with when you go to look at cars.

3.      Finally, and perhaps most importantly, once you have selected a used car, request a vehicle history report. This will make sure there are no surprises after you drive your car off the lot.

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Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring is in the air, and once you've prepared your car for the new weather, there are a few maintenance tips to remember, in order to avoid an early trip to a Nissan dealer in NH near you.


·         First, make sure to wash your car relatively often. This isn't just so that your car looks nice when you drive to work in the morning, but it's also to remove salt and other grime that builds up on your car and which can wear away at your paint and hardware. Washing your car regularly is a preventative step that can help extend the life of your vehicle.

·         Regularly check your engine, to be sure that all tubes and belts are in good working order. The changing weather can cause things to shrink and crack, so keep your eye open for leaks and other issues.

·         Check the air pressure in your tires and make sure they are properly inflated. As the temperature changes, so will your tire pressure.

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Prepare Your Car for Spring

Spring is just around the corner, which means it's just about time to prepare your car for the new season. If you feel comfortable checking and changing things on your car, yourself, you can do these things at home. If you don't, then schedule an appointment at a Nissan dealer in NH near you.


Your tasks fall into two main categories: tires and fluids.


·         Tires: It's important to switch your tires, storing your snow tires until next fall and installing your "no season tires" once more. If you don't, your gas mileage will decrease, your snow tires will wear out, and you will risk other problems while you are on the road.

·         Fluids: First, it's important to be sure that you have enough windshield washer fluid. Spring means swarms of insects, spring showers and melting snow; all of which can inhibit your ability to clearly see out of your windshield. Second, you need to check for leaks along your other fluid lines in your engine. As temperatures change, tubes that are older have a tendency to crack and spring leaks, which can lead to more serious issues if they aren't addressed early.

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Tips for Safe Driving in the Snow

The first thing to consider, after you've purchased a car from a Nissan dealer in New Hampshire, and when preparing to drive in icy winter weather, is how prepared your car is to handle the snow. Here are a few tips for fortifying your car against weather-related accidents:


·         Consider applying water-shedding material to the exterior mirrors and windows on your car, so your vision won't be impaired by ice, snow, sleet or rain. Also make sure you have anti-freeze cleaner fluid in your car, in case your window gets dirty.

·         Make sure you fit your car with snow tires, which are defined as having 6/32-inch deep tread. Without snow tires, your car won't be able to get the grip it needs to drive on icy roads or snow.

·         Check your windshield wiper blades, to be sure that they are in good, working condition, and run your air conditioning on the heat setting or fresh air setting, to clear condensation from the inside and outside of your windows.

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More Tips for Safe Driving in the Snow

In our last blog, we discussed several tips for preparing your new car for winter weather after you drive it home from your local Nissan dealer in New Hampshire. Here are a few tips to be sure that you are as prepared as your car to handle the ice:


·         Don't over-steer. If your car begins to spin out, tap your brakes slowly, several times, and turn into the spin, so that your car can regain its traction on the road before trying to correct its path trajectory. Don't go with your gut reaction and wrench the wheel, because this will almost always result in your losing control completely.

·         The best thing you can do is slow down. This way, if the road gets slippery, you have time to react and are less likely to lose control.

·         Pay extra attention, especially on unfamiliar roads. Don't drive on autopilot, even on roads you regularly take. As a rule, ice changes the conditions enough that you should treat every road as unfamiliar. 

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